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Tuesday, 12 August 2008 10:00

FLEXEB IT SOLUTIONS specializes in providing unrivalled IT solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises based in Cebu.

In the world’s fastest growing market your organization needs IT systems that can immediately adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. Flexeb IT Solutions offers a range of services to meet the present and potential needs of your operations.

Our Service Portfolio offers the ultimate in flexibility and, when combined with our knowledge, commitment, resources and experience, places Flexeb IT Solutions firmly at the forefront of the IT Services industry in Cebu.

Flexeb has a solid experience in development of custom solutions. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and product requirements, we deliver tailored cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions.

Flexeb offers an affordable and fully confirmed custom software development for your business. We are in business to assist the small to medium enterprise in improving day-to-day operations throughout their value stream. Our unique approach of tailoring software products to meet the exact needs of your business entity guarantees that we can provide suitable solutions, which are simple to use and at the same time satisfy all the technical objectives of the applications. Our primary focus is to develop software applications around common office hardware and inexpensive peripheral equipment in order to minimize the cost for our customers.

Flexeb has created a streamlined development process that allows changes and client-focussed modifications to be done in a very cost effective and timely basis and at a high quality. Through  our expertise we can customize a highly robust, innovative and very powerful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.


When it comes to your online presence and e-commerce requirements, it helps to have a partner that will assure you of flexible solutions that suits your needs without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank.

Flexeb IT Solutions offers you a one-stop, customized e-commerce solution for your company, regardless of your company’s size or geographic location.

From domain name acquisition to web hosting, web design, content management and e-commerce site maintenance, our expert team of seasoned web professionals, graphics artists and online content developers, provides quick project turnarounds, from concept to execution—even in as little as one week—depending on the project’s scale.

These days where information changes at a very fast pace, you’ll often find that today’s hot item will already be yesterday’s news even within the same business day, reason why the Dynamic Websites are the preferred platform for companies on the go.


Flexeb IT Solutions specializes in setting up dynamic websites using OpenSource technology which enables real-time database and front-end content updating so easy to use and even more cost-efficient on the part of clients.

We also provide Online-Shopping Cart and Payment Systems along with “Key Man” training for the easy-to-use Content Management System of your website.

At Flexeb IT Solutions, we try our best to add value where it matters—to your company’s bottom line.

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